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Bespoke Streams & Waterfalls

Many people choose to have a bespoke waterfall installed in their garden to bring beauty, peacefulness and consistency, inspiring feelings of tranquillity.

Whilst the gentle sound of babbling brooks elevates relaxation levels, tall thunderous falls can add energy, excitement and drama to your outdoor space. SI Waterscapes Founder Ian Logan has decades of experience visualising, defining, designing and installing custom waterfalls and one-of-a-kind habits for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes.

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Waterfalls that bring your garden to life!

As one of nature's best stress relievers, waterfalls provide calming effects of flowing water for people of all ages.

Water is the element of change and regeneration. The sound alone has been proven to reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety —it is in effect a multisensory experience. Ian can design your bespoke waterfall to be entirely unique, in line with your vision, lifestyle and interests. The pondless waterfalls and fountains we install follow the same principles as our Ecosystem ponds.

Whether you're looking to transform your small garden into a serene oasis, or love the idea of adding add visual movement, character and relaxing sounds to your English country garden, Ian has trained with the world's greatest pond and fountain builders, including the wider Certified Aquascape Contractor Network, achieving the highest standards.

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Rediscover the feel-good factor with a pondless waterfall

Ian has a wealth of experience and expertise installing self-sustaining waterfalls with no harmful chemicals. If you're interested in a rain and stormwater management system to collect and reuse rainwater and ensure fountains and features are environmentally friendly, you're assured high enjoyment and low maintenance with SI Waterscapes.

From an initial discovery session to design visits, planning, construction, installation and maintenance, Ian is with you every step of the way. No matter the size, scale or uniqueness of your garden, we take pride in delivering the finest fountains on time and within budget. The saying "nature never goes out of style" is proven in the world of waterscapes. Ian has designed and installed beautiful, reinvigorating and healthy natural havens that are safe for children, pets and wildlife.

Why choose us?

  • Ian is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) with unrivalled knowledge of Aquascape products, crafting invigorating, timeless and bespoke waterfalls.
  • From design through to build and maintenance, Ian covers all aspects of waterfalls and streams.
  • Highly skilled in delivering self-sustaining waterfalls with no harmful chemicals.
  • With Ian by your side, you can add character to your garden, heighten property value, soothe stress and minimise maintenance.
  • Every detail is considered with meticulous attention to detail, from sound to texture, movement, space and style.
  • Ian can help you define the right appearance, ambience and features for your garden.

Add an extra dimension to your garden