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What we do

SI Waterscapes designs, builds and maintains unique, bespoke ponds, water features, fountains, waterfalls, streams, cascades, and rills.

With a passion for transforming gardens of all shapes and sizes into serene, aquatic havens, Ian Logan draws upon decades of experience working alongside some of the world’s finest pond builders in the world. He’s spent time in Chicago USA with Greg Wittstock (The Pond Guy), Ed Beaulieu (The Pond Professor) and Brian Helfrich, the VP of Team Aquascape to name a few!

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If you can dream it, Ian can build it!

Whether you’re looking to add texture to your garden, desire a relaxing ambience with the gentle sound of soothing water to complement bird songs or wish to create a piece of paradise that delivers the wow factor, Ian is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) with the technical skills to ensure water features, ponds, waterfalls and streams are built correctly, to the highest standards.


Every pond has its own qualities, characteristics, and conditions, but when designed and installed correctly, it should require minimal maintenance to function efficiently. Ian designs and installs bespoke koi ponds, ornamental, wildlife, natural, mirror, terrace and swimming ponds. Ian’s goal is to help you create a serene retreat in your garden with a well-balanced habitat for healthy plants and animals.

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A waterfall is another great way to add charm and movement to your garden, allowing you to elevate beauty, listen to the melody of nature and practice mindfulness. Ian will listen to your ideas, develop a strong understanding of the waterfalls and features that will make a meaningful difference to your garden and lifestyle before designing and building a natural garden waterfall made for you.

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Water Features

SI Waterscapes will deliver depth, personality, drama, energy, and relaxation to your outdoor space, from fountains to reflecting pools, water blades, slate urns, streams, babbling rocks, and pondless waterfalls. No matter how big or small your garden is, you can create a charming place to unwind, with impressive elements that astonish friends and family and attract precious wildlife.

See examples of our water features here

Enhance your landscape with our 4-step process


Initially, Ian takes the time to learn more about your ideas over the phone or email — developing a comprehensive understanding of your vision, budget, and goals.

The site visit and consultation present the perfect opportunity to explore your ideas in great detail before building a specific plan to enhance your landscape and exceed your expectations.


Once we have developed a solid understanding of your requirements, ideas and vision for your waterscape, we also visit your home to see the space, lighting conditions, slopes and any safety concerns. During this visit, we also verify the measurements of your project.


As soon as we have agreed the plan and the deposit is paid, we schedule a start date and get to work!


Our water features, ponds, streams and waterfalls are thoughtfully designed to be low maintenance, using Aquascape ecosystem products.

Some features require ongoing maintenance tasks, such as treating occasional algae, ensuring pumps are operating correctly. We can provide regular cleaning and maintenance packages to keep your features running smoothly with clean, healthy water.

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